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Father/Son team; Don & Brandon DeHass.  We are glove doctors that specialize in changing the lace color of baseball gloves.  In addition to relace, we also enjoy complex repairs, tightening, glove break ins, and conditioning.  With 30 years of experience; we understand that gloves are personal, and should last a lifetime.  Unparalleled service, competitive prices, and superior craftsmanship are why loyal customers won't go anywhere else.

Within the greater Columbus, Ohio area, I have received mitts at many predetermined meeting places.  If outside of Central Ohio, simply send your glove(s), desired service, payment, and a prepaid return shipping label.  

24 HOUR GUARANTEE; simply request, 'URGENT', and your mitt will return ship within 24hrs after it's in my possession, or the service is FREE.

Don & Brandon DeHass
8708 Belworth Square
New Albany, Ohio  43054

Call or Text: (330) 231-7133

Email: DHass22@yahoo.com

Twitter: @DHass22 & @Elite_Brandon41



                           Price List:

  • Complete Relace:  $35.00 for standard mitts, $45 for catchers, 1st basemens, or trapeze webs.  You can stay with the original manufacturer color, or select up to three different colors of lace.  This has been very popular as a unique gift idea.  Players want to link the color with a local school, or travel ball team.
  • Single Repair Area:  $13.00  Lace break in any of the following areas: finger, web, pocket, perimeter, or heel.  Each mitt gets an overall tightening & conditioning.  This will maximize the performance of the glove by defining the pocket.  The glove will have a professional "claw " shape, not a folded "pancake".  All 10 lace routes will be addressed.
  • DeHass Gloves:  $130.00 per glove.  High quality, customized mitts.  Not a mass produced mitt that you would find in retail stores.  Available in 12 or 13 inch sizes.  Inquire about your desired webbing; trapeze, carmona, or power V.  All the above services are free for the life of the glove.
  • THE 10 GLOVE TEAM VALUE RATE:  $130.00 per team.  Repairs ~ Tightening ~ Conditioning ~ PLUS, up to 5 of the 10 gloves, can be complete lace color changes.  There's NO BETTER OFFER ON THE NET for preseason prep, or postseason maintenance.  (yes!, that's an insane average of $13.00 per glove)
  • Inquire about name branding, and additional padding.
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